Quality Health Safety Security Environment

For many years, CITBA Group is committing to a continuous improvement in Quality, Health, Safety, Security at work and in Environment, according to the MASE/UIC reference and ISO 9001.

It’s based on the following strategic areas :

Satisfaction of our stakeholders :

  • Listening to the customer : reactivity and ongoing dialogue

  • Complying with the specification : service quality, cost and time of delivery

  • Meeting the regulatory QHSE requirements and those of our clients

  • Keeping our QHSE system in recognition by regulatory organisms, but also by our clients

  • Listening to our employees and partners


  • Improving the transmission time of our DFA

  • Recording all the non-conformities, to develop an effective action plan

  • Managing our suppliers, by favoring those who share our QHSE values

Personnel Health and Security

  • Keeping the health and the security of our personnel

  • Identifying, estimating, analysing and preventing the risks linked to our activity

  • Involving the workers to transmit information about dangerous situations, in our workshops and on-site

  • Analysing failures and accidents to remove the causes

  • Informing our workers about their right to alert and to retreat in case of unmastered risks

  • Making our staff aware of their responsibilities to reach QHSE objectives, thanks to regular awareness actions : briefing, visits in our workshops and on-site, security signage

  • Raising awareness and fighting against alcoholic and drug addictions

  • Assuring that our employees are well-trained and experienced, so that everyone possesses the knowledge and the necessary skills to achieve his work in complete safety

  • Putting necessary actions in place to reduce the difficult working conditions

Preservation of the environment

  • Mastering the influence of our activities on the environment

  • Respecting the waste sorting

  • Maintaining our involvement for sustainable development

  • Favoring the car sharing for all business travels

As Chairman of the Board, I commit to use the necessary human and materials resources to apply this policy, by limiting the use of external workers. I also commit to promote the gender equality of our company.

I ask the staff (employees and temporary workers), our subcontractors and our suppliers to apply and contribute to our QHSE policy, in order to continously improve our performance.

Our principal objectives remain : zero accident and client satisfaction

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